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Horse Valentine's Box

February 12, 2013
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My daughter loves horses so it only seemed naturally that we would have to somehow figure out how to make a horse shaped box to collect her Valentine's Day treats from school!!
Although this may look complicated, it only took around half an hour to assemble once the boxes were painted! The inspiration for our box can be found http://eventingnation.com/home/monday-news-and-notes-from-ecogold-with-contest.html.

Supplies: 4 Boxes (we bought ours in a set at a craft store.), brown paint, felt, hot glue, googly eyes, furry material, key rings for stirrups

Step 1: Paint the boxes. Ours took about 4 coats.

Step 2: Cut an opening for the Valentine's to go into.


Step 3: Glue the boxes together with hot glue.

Step 4: Cut the fur to look like the horse's mane and glue with hot glue. We will also be using this material to make a tail but it isn't shown in the picture yet!



Step 4: Cut the felt to make the ears, the rein, and the saddle. We used key rings to make the stirrups.

Step 5: Cut one of the boxes to make their legs of the horse.

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