Family Fun Guide to 4th of July Fireworks in the City of Pittsburgh

8 tips parents need to know before taking their kids to see fireworks in downtown Pittsburgh

By Lisa Williams - Publisher of Macaroni Kid Pittsburgh City June 23, 2023

Anyone else as excited for fireworks as we are? Whether you want to watch them from your back porch or gather your blankets and lawn chairs and head downtown, we have all things 4th of July for you in one place to make your holiday weekend one your family will always remember. 


Fireworks are like pure magic in the sky, and Pittsburgh knows how to put on a spectacular show! The City of Pittsburgh’s Independence Day celebration returns to the Point on July 4th, but before you pack up your little ones for an evening of oohs and aahs, there are a few things you gotta know to make it a safe and awesome experience for the whole family.  Macaroni KID has got your back with some cool tips on what parents need to know before taking their kids to see fireworks in Pittsburgh.

  1. Pick the Perfect Spot: Pittsburgh has loads of great spots to catch those bursting fireworks. Whether it's Point State Park, Hartwood Acres, or a local shindig, choose a spot that's comfy and safe for your fam (our favorite spot is the Station Square parking lot). Look out for things like restrooms, parking, and seating arrangements. Get there early to snag a sweet spot and dodge any last-minute craziness.
  2. Know Where to Find the Family-Friendly Events: Enjoy a family-style picnic at historic Point State Park, complete with patriotic music and food vendors from 4 to 10 pm. The City of Pittsburgh will have family friendly activities from 4 – 8:30 pm including games, face painters, demonstrations by U.S. Army Pittsburgh Recruiting Company, and more, including Summer Soul Line Dancing at 6, 7 and 8 pm. Impress your kiddos by bringing a portable speaker and at 9:35 tune in to 100.1 FM KDKA for a live broadcast of a 25-minute fireworks soundtrack from TJ the DJ paying tribute to Independence Day.
  3. Noise and Safety Smarts: Fireworks can be loud, and some kiddos might find it a bit overwhelming. Be a superhero and pack noise-canceling headphones or earplugs to protect those tiny ears. Also, make sure to keep a safe distance from where the fireworks are popping off to avoid any unexpected surprises. Stick to the safety rules and listen to what the event organizers say.
  4. Brace for the Crowds: Pittsburgh fireworks are a magnet for crowds, so prep your mini squad for the swarm. Have a little pow-wow about crowd etiquette, like sticking close to you, no pushing or shoving, and respecting other people's space. Keep a tight grip on those tiny hands, and make sure the older kiddos know it's all about sticking together as a team.
  5. Pack the Essentials: Don't forget to stash some must-haves in a bag for the evening. Pack yummy snacks, water to stay hydrated, bug spray to fend off the critters, sunscreen for those sensitive kiddo skins, and a blanket or chairs to get cozy. Dress the kiddos in comfy clothes suitable for the weather, and toss in an extra layer in case the temperature drops as the night goes on. You might even want to dress the kiddos in pjs for that quick transfer to bed on this late night. Being prepared will make the night go smooth like butter.
  6. Set Realistic Expectations: Before the big fireworks extravaganza, have a little chat with the kiddos about what to expect. Give 'em a heads up that the fireworks will be loud, bright, and maybe even a bit surprising. Let 'em know how long the show will be, that there might be some waiting involved, and that things could change due to weather. Setting the stage helps manage any potential meltdowns or "Are we there yet?" moments.
  7. Make a Smooth Exit Plan: When the grand finale hits, it's exit time, and things can get cray-cray as everyone scrambles for their cars or the nearest bus. Don't get caught in the chaos! Plan your escape strategy ahead of time. Hang out for a few minutes after the show to let the crowd thin out, or explore nearby attractions until things chill out a bit. If you're watching from Mt. Washington, walk over to DiFiore's for an ice cream cone to cool down before you bounce. Beat the rush like a boss.
  8. Watch from Home: The day’s main attraction, the spectacular Independence Day Fireworks, will begin at 9:35pm. If being our late on the 4th of July just doesn't fit into the cards this year, families can still watch the celebration from home live on WPXI-TV.


1 pm              FLAG RAISING at the Fort Pitt Block House yard presented by Fort Pitt Museum in partnership with Pittsburgh Chapter of National Society of Daughters of American Revolution

1 – 4 pm        Fourth at the Fort - Fort Pitt Museum Family Activities



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