The Citizen Science Lab

1699 Washington Road2nd FloorPittsburgh, PA 15228
Phone: 814-830-3100 (South Hills)Website: Visit Website Google Map

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a scientist? Just imagine what your children will discover this summer at The Citizen Science Lab! Join us at our location in the South Hills where we offer fun, interactive hands-on STEM camps for ages 8-16. 

When we say "hands-on" at the Lab, we mean it! We don't do demonstrations for your child to watch, we have them do it themselves! Every experiment is put into your child's hands, from the preparation to the "wow" moments, so they can learn what it means to be a real scientist. Your child could spend their summer learning not only having a blast, but learning practical skills like measuring chemical reactions, using a microscope, and soldering a circuit board.

With a full range of science and engineering adventures -- including outer space, zoology, microbiology, DNA, and drones -- there’s sure to be something that excites and inspires the budding scientist in your home.

Turn your summer into a STEMtactular adventure!