Taking a Trip Down the Delaware

Tips I learned on an adventure down the Delaware River with Landerโ€™s River Trips

By Lisa Williams, Macaroni KID Pittsburgh City Publisher August 4, 2022

Have you been thinking about planning a trip to get out of the city and spend some time in nature? Has your family been looking for a chance to connect and spend quality time together? We have some exciting news for you… we have found the perfect place to take your family! Lander’s River Trips will help your family create unforgettable memories that they will cherish forever! 

The author was hosted to facilitate this article. All thoughts and opinions expressed are their own.

I was so fortunate to recently have had the opportunity to take a trip from Pittsburgh to the Sullivan Catskills in New York with an amazing group of 15 Macaroni KID publishers from all over the US. 

One of the activities we got to do while there was take an incredible 5-mile boating trip down the Delaware River. If you are anything like me, you may not have had many experiences on a river, so I wanted to share a few tips I learned from my experience, as well as share more about the special place that is Lander’s River Trips

Attire is Everything

Make sure to pack comfortable clothing (avoid cotton since it takes longer to dry). I would suggest a bathing suit with shorts. Depending on the season, layering can be important. If the temperature is colder, you may want tops that can be taken on or off as it gets warmer or cooler or to protect from the sun. 

I did not have any water shoes so I wore my Crocs. When I took the leap of jumping in the river, my shoes were definitely slippery. Learning from this, I would recommend water shoes or tennis shoes. Don’t forget to grab a waterproof pouch to keep your phone safe so you can capture all the memories your family will be making!

Once you are done in the river, it is important to have a bag to put your wet clothes in, as well as to have a change of clothes. Lander’s River Trips made changing so easy and had outside showers available for us to use after to rinse off. They even had soap and shampoo for a small cost at their general store. Next time I will make sure to pack a travel-sized shampoo and soap, as well as a small washcloth.

Be Prepared with Refreshments 

A rafting trip can be as unpredictable as our children. We thought our trip would last 2 hours, but with stopping to explore and spotting bald eagles (The Delaware River is home to nesting pairs of Bald Eagles), our trip ended up taking almost 4 hours. Packing snacks and drinks is extremely important. Some snack ideas include sandwiches, fruit, granola bars, chips, and water. Make sure to use a waterproof cooler to store things.

Choose the Right Trip for Your Family

As I mentioned above, I have not had many experiences being on a river, so I was not exactly sure what to expect. From the moment we arrived, the staff of Lander’s River Trips made us feel so welcome and were so helpful. They explained everything step-by-step and ensured we had everything we needed. For our trip, we got to try boating, but canoeing, kayaking, and tubing are all available – you can even bring your doggie on all river craft and campgrounds! If you want to extend your experience Lander’s River Trips has 3 riverfront campgrounds available as well. 

Lander’s River Trips is not only a beautiful experience, but the company itself has a beautiful story of family. It has been family-owned since 1955 when Bob Lander purchased his first 10 canoes and started renting them on the Delaware as Bob Lander’s Canoes. 

His son Rick and wife Lisa now own the company and continue on his legacy. Their dream is that all of their guests fall in love with the Delaware as much as they are, and that they get to “escape their everyday lives” as Bob Lander did back in 1955. 

In addition to getting the opportunity to spend time on the Delaware at Lander’s River Trips our 15 Macaroni KID publishers were able to get a glimpse of everything the Sullivan Catskills has to offer families. We visited New York’s largest indoor waterpark at the Kartrite Resort and Indoor Water Park, enjoyed a delicious 5-course meal at the Villa Roma Resort & Conference Center, toured and explored Bethel Woods Center for the Arts and the Museum at Bethel Woods, and feasted on a fabulous Italian dinner at Albella Restaurant

The Sullivan Catskills was named by Travel and Leisure as one of the very best small towns to visit in 2022 for hiking, boutique hotels, and breweries. Only 90 miles from New York City, The Sullivan Catskills is definitely a must-add to your travel bucket list!