6 Places to find Heart-Shaped Pizzas in the City of Pittsburgh

Show your love this Valentine's Day with a Heart-shaped pizza from a 'Burgh Pizzeria

By Lisa Williams, Macaroni Kid Pittsburgh City Publisher February 9, 2024

Oh, pizza. How we love you. Let us count the ways: Pizza makes dinner a breeze on the nights when cooking is just not gonna happen. No one in the family ever complains about pizza night, and pizza is DELICIOUS.

Pass me another slice, please.

We are lucky we have a lot of locally-owned great pizza shops in Pittsburgh to satisfy any and all pizza cravings. Here are 6 spots for you to find heart-shaped pizza in the City of Pittsburgh this Valentine's Day:

Caliente Pizza

4624 Liberty Ave 

Pittsburgh, PA 15224


What we love: Large heart-shaped cheese pizza all February!

Mineo's Pizza

2128 Murray Avenue 

Pittsburgh, Pa 15217


What we love: Pre-order your Valentine's Pizza. Make your Valentine a Mineo's Pizza at home with our Pizza Kit! Add a Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake for dessert. 

Pizzeria Davide

2551 Penn Ave 

Pittsburgh PA 15222


What we love: You can order heart-shaped pizza and upon request, you can have them "break" it for you as pictured here 

Pizza Hut

4710 Baum Blvd

Pittsburgh PA 15213


What we love: Find true love with a 1-topping Heart-Shaped Pizza, plus your choice of cookie or brownie to sweeten the deal.

Pizza Parma

963 Liberty Ave

Pittsburgh PA 15222


What we love: Heart-shaped pizzas for only $17.99!

Capezzuto's Pizza

422 Greenfield Ave

Pittsburgh PA 15207


What we love: Heart-shaped breadsticks!

Are you a locally owned Pizzeria serving the City of Pittsburgh that will be offering heart-shaped pizzas this Valentine's Day? It's not too late to get listed in our guide! Email with your info and let us know if you'd like to be featured on our social media as well!