Uncle Milton Toy Review

AWESOME Night Time Toys

By Christine LaGrosse of Macaroni Kid Pittsburgh, LLC August 15, 2012

It’s hard to tell who had more fun with these toys… me or my children!!  Uncle Milton has once again exceeded our “coolness” expectations!  The high quality and ease of us of the toys make it a hit with parents as well as kids!


My kids love a good headlamp but the ones I have purchased previously do not have nearly the same range as this awesome High Sierra Eco Explorer!  I think I might be able to see them coming from miles away!  Both of my kids love to collects things and the soil sifter and dig tool are perfect for them. We have  a dirt pile in our back yard and they both played for hours with this and really like the illuminated viewer.  The tweezers worked better than I thought to pick up small rocks.  We didn’t actually collect any bugs but they did love seeing the tiny particles in the dirt. 

The Expedition Sky Flare is a toy that my kids may have to fight my husband for! This thing FLIES… up to 50 feet and it lights up while doing it!!  For a little boy, it really doesn’t get any better than this!  This was surprisingly easy to use.  It thought it was going to be complicated to get it to fly that high but my kids did it without any instruction at all!  We actually had to retrieve it from our woods because I wasn’t prepared for how high it would fly.  Don’t make that same mistake and leave yourself plenty of room!

There is a very good chance that my daughter may be wearing these Expedition Shoe Lights to her first day of Kindergarten!  She literally giggled with delight when she put them on and walked around like a giant making fee- fi –fo- fum noises as she went!  I tried to explain that they were to be used to see where you were walking but she found it much more entertaining to point to objects and even people (not advised) and she was so happy about it that I just let her enjoy them.  


One of the things I appreciate as a Mom and former educator is that each toy comes with an activity guide with fun ideas as well as safety tips!  I try my very best to think of every possible thing that could go horribly wrong but (as evidenced by the above story of the Sky Flare) I often leave out a few minor details!!  The guides help to instill a respect for the nature they are exploring and make it clear that nothing should be harmed while in their observation.  This product is truly top notch and I know it will be my go-to present for every birthday party I’m invited to this year! 


Check them out here for yourself and take advantage of the sale too! 

I was given the toys listed in this review but was not compensated in any other way. The views expressed are completely my own.