Uncle Milton Toy Review

By Christine LaGrosse of Macaroni Kid Pittsburgh LLC August 29, 2012

We have some great Uncle Milton's Toys this week! First up is the Nat Geo Wild Card Games and then the Nat Geo Wild Anteater Bug Vac
Some of my earliest memories are of my parents and grandparents sitting around the table together playing cards for hours on end.When my sister and I got older, the 4 of us continued on with this tradition and played hours and hours of cards each weekend!!It is some of my favorite memories growing up and it is a special time today when we take the time to get together around a deck of cards!That is why I was so excited to review these Uncle Milton card games.

Upon first glance at these cards, you can tell this is no ordinary deck!Each picture depicts an actual photograph of every type of animal imaginable.My kids spent the first 20 minutes just looking at all of the pictures and they kept showing each other the amazing cards.Once we got down to business, Julia had a blast!We started off with a game entitled Go Divin’! which plays like Go Fish.Not only did she learn how to play the game but we both learned about several new sea creatures! (By the way, in case you're wondering, the card holder is just a pool noodle cut in half with a small slit down the middle to slide cards into!) 

King of the Jungle! (plays like WAR) was next on our list to play and Daddy had a crack at this one.She thought this was hysterical and loved taking all of the cards.It was so interesting to see her playing and literally getting distracted by all of the amazing animal pictures. It was like a mini-lesson on jungle animals every hand.

The pack also includes Crazy Apes! (which plays like CRAZY EIGHTS) and Old Ellie (Play like OLD MAID) and she loved both of these.I am so very excited to carry on a family tradition with my children that I remember so well from my childhood. Of course, our cards never looked this exciting!Grandma and Grandpa better brush up on their card playing because they have some completion and judging by how much they love these National Geographic cards, they are going to get a ton of practice!

Another really awesome toy we got to play with is the
Nat Geo Wild Anteater Bug Vac.My kids loved sucking up ants.It had just rained and they were everywhere!My son loved this toy so much there is a slight chance he may end up sleeping with it!!Joseph dove right into the tall grass and sucked up anything he could see.He was so excited that the “chamber” came out so he could see what he had just sucked up!My daughter wasn’t about to suck up anything she couldn’t see well so she stayed safely on the sidewalk and because it was such a powerful suction, was still able to get a really neat bug to see.The bugs were not harmed at all and the kids loved this toy!

I was given the toys listed in this review but was not compensated in any other way. The views expressed are completely my own.