Uncle Milton Toy Review

Earth Tag, All-Terrain Nature Collector and 4-in-1 Navigation Tool

August 8, 2012

I LOVE getting packages in the mail so I was smiling ear to ear when I saw this very special package arrive at the front door! 

I dove in head first and quickly found what I THOUGHT would be my daughter’s favorite toy… the 4-in-1 Explorer Navigation Tool.  This thing does it all:  compass, thermometer, whistle and signal mirror.  This signal mirror is no joke as I was caught off guard when my son was playing with it and it hit the light!  We love to explore and the compass went right on Julia’s belt as we figured out that the house was East of the bouncer and West of the shed!  To my surprise, this was my son’s favorite toy!  Once he blew that whistle, he was hooked. Fair warning parents, this is not your average whistle. It is loud and piercing and it made Joseph’s day to make so much noise with so little effort exerted. 


Our next package to unwrap (which we did without any scissors, crow bars or saws) was the Earth Tag toy.  Like all the rest, it comes with the activity guide.  I appreciated that it specifically said not to aim it at people or animals!  One of the suggested games was called Tree-mendous Mission and the goals is to “tag” different trees and find the special characteristics of each.  Now, if I had suggested this, I’m not sure how well it would have gone over but since it was in the guide, this instantly became a favorite game!  I was surprised how well the “earth” balls flew through the air. I have tried devices that looked similar to this but truly was never able to do much with them but these flew easily! 


Last to explore was the All-Terrain Nature Collector.  This was Julia’s absolute favorite.  The idea is to capture some type of wildlife between the two clear semi-circles and look at them and release them safely.  To be honest, bugs aren’t really Julia’s thing or so I thought. Come to find out, touching bugs aren’t her thing but once they are safely enclosed in something that she has control over, she LOVES them and made some of the best observations after seeing them up close and personal.  No doubt she’s a GENIUS (said like a proud mother!)  Our exploration didn’t stop there!  WE took to the water table and picked up leaves and we have plans to take it with us on vacation and see what else we can find in the ponds!  It is so smart to have places for the water to drain so this literally can be taken anywhere!  My son loved this too!  He used it as an extension of his hands and picked up balls and chalk and a few larger objects.  I even got him to clean up his small cars by allowing him to us this device.  It’s a Mother’s dream come true… educational and helps them clean! 

These toys do not feel like toys, they look and feel like the real thing.  They are well thought out and constructed to withstand the countless nature hikes I’m sure they’ll enjoy!!

Check them out here, you will be glad you did!!


Macaroni Kid received toys in exchange for a review but the views expressed are all my own!